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Solutions for Equipment and Flatbed Transport

Martin Heavy Transport is an asset-based trucking company with a variety of trailers such as Landolls, Lowboys, Stepdecks, and flatbeds. We specialize in transporting Construction equipment, but we can also handle any other flatbed freight you may have. With numerous veteran drivers that are forklift, boom lift, and load securement certified; we can help with any transportation needs you may have with reliability and safety guaranteed.

Guaranteed Reliability

At Martin Heavy Transport, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch transportation services for all your heavy equipment needs. Our experienced team of drivers is certified to operate Forklifts and Boomlifts, ensuring that your equipment is handled safely and securely throughout the transport process. We specialize in a variety of load types, including flatbed/stepdeck, hotshot, power only, and lowboy loads, and our asset-based company ensures that you receive the highest quality service from start to finish.

Our goal is to provide customers with reliable services, to ensure the security of cargo we operate with extensive insurance coverage for valuable cargo transported. Furthermore, we have a gated and secured yard that is available for overnight cargo storage. This means that our customers can rest easy knowing that their cargo is being stored in a safe and secure location until it is ready to be transported to its final destination.

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