Concrete Paving

Concrete Paving expertise

As a dedicated concrete subcontractor, our expertise lies in the art of concrete paving, where precision and durability intersect. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering top-notch results, we specialize in the meticulous process of placing concrete to create durable and visually appealing pavements.

Our skilled team employs advanced techniques to ensure the proper alignment, thickness, and finishing of the concrete, surpassing industry standards and client specifications.  Concrete paving has many advantages over asphalt paving, and limits ongoing maintenance years after the building is delivered.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond the project’s completion, as we strive to build lasting relationships with clients based on trust, reliability, and the enduring strength of our concrete work.  Martin Concrete has performed millions of square feet of concrete paving with varying slopes, thicknesses, and reinforcing requirements.

Services include:

  • Light Duty Concrete Paving
  • Medium Duty Concrete Paving
  • Heavy Duty Concrete Paving
  • Airport Taxiways
  • Pervious Concrete Paving
  • Reinforced Concrete Paving

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