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Make-A-Wish Foundation Partners with Martin Concrete

Making A Child's Wish Possible

Martin Concrete has been in touch with Make-A-Wish since 2022 eagerly waiting for an opportunity to grant a wish. In July of 2023, Make-A-Wish reached out to us with a wish for the Lim family here in Atlanta, Georgia that we could donate our services to.

Hayes Lim, 12 years old, has a rare diagnosis called Cerebral Palsy. This affects a person’s posture and ability to move, placing him permanently in a wheelchair. His one wish was to have a new driveway with a wheelchair ramp that would allow a safe and easy way to access cars and school buses.

The driveway was very old, broken, and narrow which made it difficult for the family to transport Hayes to and from the cars and school bus. They were using a wheelchair ramp they bought online which becomes more difficult and less sturdy to use as Hayes grows. Building a new driveway with proper installation and maintenance makes a reliable foundation for daily routines, accommodating vehicles, and wheelchairs.

Our Project Management, Field, and People teams did an on-site visit to plan the layout for the new construction. Making a functional, reliable, and safe necessity for this family was our main goal. The Field Ops team demoed and removed the old driveway, sidewalks, and any landscaping issues that would affect the maintenance of the new installation.

Our subsidiary company, MC Finishing and Superintendent, David Hernandez, poured and finished the concrete work effectively in 2 pours. The first pour consisted of adding a concrete ramp attached from the side of the house to the driveway. Making a durable and safe way to transport Hayes to and from the house. The second pour, the crew doubled the size of the original driveway and poured 36 inches of concrete to stop underground tree roots from cracking in the driveway. When the construction was finished, our crew went above and beyond to plant a new landscape design in the front yard and renovated the front porch.

At Martin Concrete, we take pride in living by our core values on and off the jobsite. This project gave us the perfect opportunity to demonstrate some of these principles. While focusing on the family’s needs, we provided a safe and high-quality way to transport Hayes. In under 2 weeks, we revealed it to the family and coordinators at Make-A-Wish.

We are thrilled to leave the Lim family with peace of mind, knowing their new driveway and ramp will serve them for years to come.

Special thanks to our employees Juan Mares and Crew, David Hernandez and Crew, Scott Jordan, Danny Thomas, Tony Denny, Emily Thomas, Logan Barronton, Austin Sulivan, Reece McElveen, Jesus Angel, Michelle West, Oscar Fonseca, Marissa McCarthy, Kristin McKenzie, Clarie Sichting, John Martin, and Steve Dollar for all your hard work.

Another special thanks to our sponsors, White Cap, Concrete Supply, Brundage Bone, and Thomas Concrete for donating numerous supplies and materials.

Written By: Chloe Lyle

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