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Portable Concrete Plants

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582,000 Cubic Yards of Concrete
Produced On Site

560,000 Gallons of Fuel Saved

21 Owned and Operated

MC ReadyMix

MC ReadyMix a subsidiary of Martin Concrete offers enormous advantages for our customers. Currently operating 2, Con-E-Co 327 Low Profile plants and running 21 owner owned ready mix trucks, each plants has the capability of produce up to 170 cubic yards of concrete per hour. The plant land requirements for set up is an area of 200' X 300', usually a space reserved later in project for parking lots. Our onsite plants will eliminate unforeseen traffic delays, will guarantee a better quality product and will also allow for more flexibility when scheduling pours. Martin Concrete is a leading ready-mix concrete company offering top-notch services. Our ready-mix concrete plants deliver high-quality ready-mix concrete for your construction needs.

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Quantify the cost savings of having our own portable ready mix plan on site.

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