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Topre Automotive Stamping Facility

Topre Automotive Stamping Facility

The Topre Phase 6 project represents a significant addition to the existing tire manufacturing facility located in Smyrna, TN.

Project Highlights
Size: The addition spans a sizable 47,000 sq ft, further bolstering the capacity of the tire manufacturing facility.
Construction Details: This facility features 13,000 sq ft of 3’ thick mat slab and 11,000 sq ft for a cap slab. In addition, this project also included a 600T press pit with a 11’ x 6’ trench, various pedestals and trenches and 825 LF of Cast-in-Place walls.

General Contractor: Brasfield & Gorrie, a well-regarded general contractor known for their expertise and outstanding construction projects, manages the project.
The Topre Phase 6 expansion showcases a strategic addition to the tire manufacturing facility, increasing the overall capacity and optimizing performance.


47,000 SF


Smyrna, TN

General Contractor:

Brasfield & Gorrie

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