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Broadstone Eighth South

Broadstone 8th South

Broadstone Eighth South, located in Nashville, TN, is a 330-unit multi-family project complemented by a dedicated retail space. This project has been meticulously designed to offer a harmonious blend of residential and retail units.

Project Features

  • Four-Story Structure: The project encompasses a four-story structure that strategically maximizes space utilization, effectively accommodating 330 housing units.
  • Separate Retail Building: Besides the residential units, the project features a standalone building dedicated to retail, measuring an extensive 71,000 square feet.
  • General Contractor: The project was efficiently executed by Alliance Partners, who successfully fused residential comfort with commercial accessibility.

Broadstone Eighth South effectively combines living and shopping spaces, serving as a cutting-edge model for multi-purpose projects in urban Nashville.


250,000 SF


Nashville, TN

General Contractor:

Alliance Partners

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