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Preferred Freezer

Preferred Freezer

Located in Lithia Springs, GA, the freezer distribution center covers an area of 169,000 sq ft, featuring robust construction elements and efficient design to cater to the demanding conditions of cold storage. Along with the high-quality freezer space, the facility also includes office areas and heavy-duty concrete paving for the site.

Facility Features

  • Freezer: The freezer area has a 6-inch-thick reinforced mud slab and a 12-inch-thick reinforced rack aisle designed to meet F-min 80 specifications.
  • Office Areas: Constructed using tilt wall panels and a slab-on-metal deck for the second floor, ensuring durability and functionality for daily operations.
  • Site Work: The facility includes 8-inch-thick reinforced heavy-duty concrete paving for enhanced durability and load capacity.

This freezer distribution center demonstrates a commitment to quality and functionality, ensuring efficient cold storage and a well-designed workspace for employees.


169,000 SF


Lithia Springs, GA

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