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The Primerica project, located in Duluth, Georgia, is a three-story tilt-up office building spanning 344,476 sq ft. Its unique features and spacious design offer exceptional office space solutions.

Building Highlights

  • Design: The office building features 2-story glass expanses, enabling natural light penetration and creating an expansive, airy atmosphere.
  • Panel Construction: The panels of the building showcase stamped and colored concrete, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.
  • General Contractor: Duke Realty, known for its outstanding construction projects, executed the construction of this state-of-the-art workspace.
  • Ownership: Primerica, a leading financial services company, owns the property.

The Primerica office building melds thoughtful design with functional considerations to provide an efficient and appealing workspace, ensuring productivity and comfort.


344,476 SF


Duluth, GA

General Contractor:

Duke Realty

Services Include

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