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Riverpark Building 4

Riverpark Building #4

Riverpark Building #4, a prime industrial facility spanning 1,006,6460 sq ft, is part of a progressive E-Commerce center in Jackson, Georgia. As the first structure in the complex, it epitomizes the robust and versatile infrastructure necessary for thriving e-commerce operations.

Facility Features

  • Construction Elements: Entrusted to Martin Concrete, the project encompassed a vast 1,006,000 sq ft slab on grade (SOG), dock pits and ramps, dock aprons, and tilt-wall construction. The facility boasts 92 dock pits and a 168,623 sq ft dock apron.
  • Exterior Paving: The building showcases a substantial 320,757 sq ft of HD concrete paving and 154,455 sq ft of MD paving, fortifying its infrastructure and facilitating seamless industrial operations.
  • Tilt Panel Construction: The center comprises 177 tilt panels amounting to 211,387 sq ft in surface area, providing a solid framework integral to its resilience and longevity.
  • Batch Plant: To ensure efficiency and prompt delivery, MC Ready Mix—a subsidiary of Martin Concrete—installed an on-site portable batch plant to facilitate the supply of concrete for slab and panel pours.
  • Finishing: The finely honed construction and finishing of the concrete slab were achieved through the expertise of MC Finishing, ensuring a polished and aesthetically pleasing outcome.
  • All-In-House Service: The completion of Riverpark Building #4 was achieved cohesively, managed by Martin Concrete Construction and its subsidiaries, including Full Tilt Crane Services, which lifted all 177 panels on-site.

As the pioneer project in the new commerce center, Riverpark Building #4 sets the stage for future growth and opportunities in the e-commerce industry, bolstering the commercial prospects of the surrounding community.


1,006,6460 SF


Jackson, GA

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