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Ball Packaging

Ball Corporation

Project Sapphire denotes a significant expansion of Ball Corporation’s infrastructure of aluminum cup manufacturing facilities located in the strategic location of Bowling Green, KY. Mirroring an optimal blend of production, storage, and administrative spaces, the project underpins Ball Corporation’s dedication to sustainable manufacturing practices and local development.

Facility Features
Production Space: This project incorporates 334,140 sq ft of production space. Multiple slabs on grade, with thicknesses varying between 4″ and 12″, are designed to suit the different production sections within the facility.
Office and Warehouse Spaces: Besides the vast production area, the facility houses a 17,097 sq ft office space and a 93,152 sq ft warehouse area, reinforcing its comprehensive infrastructure design.
External Infrastructure: The facility’s design accommodates various auxiliary features to aid in efficient operation, including dock pits, ramps, and a dock apron, all complemented by heavy-duty paving. The space also incorporates 4″ thick sidewalks for improved access and functionality.
Strategic Location and Sustainable Impact: The proximity of the new Ball Cup manufacturing facility to main distribution routes optimizes the logistics process while boosting the facility’s operational efficiency. With an increasing production of aluminum cups, Ball Corporation promotes recyclability and contributes valuable resources to the local community.

The expansion initiated under Project Sapphire represents a consolidation of Ball Corporation’s commitment to expanding its manufacturing capabilities while promoting sustainable practices.

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