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Sunport FedEx 

Sunport FedEx 

The Sunport FedEx project in Pooler, Georgia, represents a significant milestone in logistics and distribution infrastructure, offering a state-of-the-art 550,000 sq ft facility specifically designed to cater to FedEx’s operations.

Facility Features

  • Construction Elements: With a substantial footprint of 550,000 sq ft, the facility’s slab-on-grade (SOG) incorporates macro fibers, resulting in a fiber-reinforced slab capable of withstanding the weight and movement of heavy machinery and forklifts.
  • Exterior Paving: The project features a staggering 1,125,000 sq ft of concrete paving, employing fiber-reinforced concrete to ensure optimum durability and resistance to potential damage from intense operations. The fibers were mixed at a concentration of 5lb per cubic yard, underlying the project’s attention to detail and commitment to quality.
  • Tilt Panel Construction: All the panels of this tilt-up facility, amounting to 150,000 sq ft, were efficiently erected by the proficient Full Tilt crews, contributing to its robust stature.
  • Panel Formation: Demonstrating their consummate expertise, the Martin Concrete crews were responsible for forming and pouring all the wall panels at the site.
  • Batch Plant: To optimize concrete pours for the building slab, panels, and extensive concrete paving, MC ReadyMix thoughtfully arranged a portable batch plant at the location.

The creation of the Sunport FedEx facility embodies the intersection of innovative design, advanced construction methodologies, and rigorous adherence to quality standards. This combination ensures a durable infrastructure that can readily adapt to the demanding conditions of the logistics and distribution industry.


550,000 SF


Pooler, GA

General Contractor:

Evans General Contractors

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