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TC Ball Cup Manufacturing Facility

TC Ball Cup

TC Ball Cup is an innovative 249,182 sq ft aluminum cup manufacturing facility in Rome, Georgia. This newly constructed facility embodies cutting-edge engineering techniques and structural design aimed at seamlessly producing aluminum cups.

Facility Features

  • Tilt-up Panel Construction: The manufacturing edifice is assembled from 97 tilt-up panels, with dimensions measuring up to 11.25″ thickness. This design approach provides durability and long-lasting integrity for the facility.
  • Structural Systems: The building integrates structural steel and insulated metal panel wall systems, ensuring robustness and energy efficiency in the factory’s operations.
  • Office Space: Alongside the extensive manufacturing area, the facility features 13,714 sq ft of lean-to-style office space designed to accommodate administrative needs and support the site’s all-encompassing functionality.
  • Additional Concrete Work: The facility also includes other concrete structures, such as slabs, process trenches, and dock pits, to cater to the varying requirements of an efficient aluminum cup manufacturing process.

The TC Ball Cup manufacturing facility, with its state-of-the-art design and well-rounded infrastructure, represents an optimal fusion of architectural excellence and engineering expertise, making it a valuable addition to the aluminum cup manufacturing industry.


249,182 SF


Rome, GA

General Contractor:

Kajima Building & Design

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